The Panasonic KX-MB1500 Series of multi-functional printers feature an extremely compact body that solves space problems in small home offices. The handy slanted control panel lets you use them whether you are standing or sitting. Plus, all basic operations are done from the front, so they can be placed directly against the wall. You can place them almost anywhere you want - on a shelf or a rack. Of course, the KX-MB1500 Series models have the functions that a home office needs, including a printer, diverse copy functions, a scanner, and a fax*. This compact series has inherited all the most popular functions of higher-end models.

Space-Saving Compact Body

To allow the unit to fit into the tight spaces of a small home office, the body size has been minimised. An inner paper exit tray greatly reduces the protrusion of the body, cutting the actual installation area by approximately 25% and the volume by approximately 40%.*
* Compared with the KX-MB2000.

Slanted Control Panel

The slanted control panel is designed for easy use whether standing or sitting down, so this series can be easily operated when placed on a shelf or a rack.
One-Touch Buttons
Frequently used function buttons are located on the control panel for smooth operation, such as when making copy settings.

Slim Back Design

Basic operations, such as replenishing consumables and paper, can be done from the front. And the unit is designed to keep the power cord from getting in the way, allowing flexible placement

Convenient Copy Functions

Quick ID Copy Copy both sides of one or more ID or business cards consecutively, and then print onto a single page in the 2-in-1, 4-in-1 or 8-in-1 format. This reduces paper consumption and simplifies information management.

Easy Print Utility

The Easy Print Utility lets you merge and print files created with different applications. You can check the file on a PC before printing, or edit it by rearranging pages or changing them to a 2-in-1 or even a 16-in-1 format. You can also add a header, footer or watermark before printing. After editing, you can save the image as a PDF file. This greatly reduces the number of trial prints and misprints.

Colour Scanner Function

Documents can be easily scanned into a PC in colour. This lets you save colourful documents, such as leaflets, without losing the colour information. You can also attach scanned files to an Email message and send them from the PC .

PC -Fax Function*

You can directly send and receive faxes to and from your PC without having to print them out. This saves the time and trouble of printing, so it increases work efficiency and contributes to a paperless office.

Built-in Speakerphone

The built-in speakerphone lets you call the recipient to confirm that a fax has arrived immediately after sending. This increases faxing reliability.
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